Founders Story

Founder Rebecca Berneck was released to the workforce in 2008 after devoting 15-years to a strategic management firm. This was a great small business laboratory where she learned all about process design and strategy when partnering with fortune 500 firms. At the same time, she began racing vintage motorcycles. Rebecca found the parallels between winning on the track and winning in business uncanny, so she blended the two to create the Officeheads 5-Gear Financial Management System. The Right Tools + The Right Team + The Right Process + Know Your History + Plan for the Future Officeheads has supported hundreds of small business owners using this system to provide powerful insights to achieve their business goals. In 2023, Rebecca once again enhanced Officeheads services with an upgraded tech stack that includes the newest Fintech, AI, and machine learning. Officeheads doesn't just look at historic data - we deliver solutions that you can take to the bank!

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